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Brown Onyx Crescent Moon Crystal

Brown Onyx Crescent Moon Crystal

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You will receive one beautifully handmade Brown Onyx Crescent Moon. They can be approximately
1⅞ or 2½” tall. You will receive one of the crescents in the photo.

Brown Onyx isn’t actually an Onyx at all but a type of Travertine Marble with Calcite inclusions. This lovely stone is said to encourage serenity and to help us master our thoughts. This stone is both nurturing and protective. Brown Onyx inspires us to be more patient with ourselves, while also helping us find clarity and focus.
This is a stone of potential and assists in our own self-improvement. Brown Onyx helps us achieve a deeper state of meditation and reminds us that common sense, good judgment, and an open heart can bring us all the happiness and success in the world.

Crystals, gems, and stones are perfect for altars, spells, grids, pocket stones, gifts, home decor, collecting, meditation, Chakra work, Reiki and more.

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Each stone is unique and individual so please expect slight variations in size, texture, and color. You will receive a stone displayed in these photos. Please refer to the sizing, since the photos can make the stones appear larger than they are.

These crystals are intended to be used for spiritual purposes. Healing Crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or legal advice.

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