About Us

Welcome to WitchWood Emporium! We are a small online business located in Denver Colorado. WitchWood Emporium LLC is your source for all things magical and witchy! My name is Michele and I created this shop to help others and myself enhance their spiritual practice with unique ritual tools and supplies. We also sell fun witchy themed items and jewelry as well.

I've worked a long time as a Vitamin and Herbal Specialist. like many, when Covid hit life got very complicated (and for lack of a better word, tough). Working in healthcare, my work life became almost unbearable. I have been a Folk Witch for over 15 years and decided that I would need to move my life in a different direction. My whole life is a spiritual experience, why would I not apply that to my work? I decided to share my love and traditions for witchcraft, animism, the earth, astrology, etc. Finding handcrafted, unique, sustainable, and organic items are our number one priority!

WitchWood Emporium was created for all witches; beginners, and experienced alike. Many of our items cater to the modern witch in a busy world, making ritual and spell work easy with beautifully assembled Witch Boxes and unique tools and accessories. I know how hard it can be to maintain meaningful practices in these modern times. 
Here you will find an assortment of handcrafted wares, herbs, candles, ritual tools, jewelry, mugs, and altar goods to help set the stage for your intentions and to further your spiritual practice.
Whatever your practice or experience level, WitchWood Emporium can provide the right tools, supplies, and even aesthetics.
Thank you so much for supporting small business!