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Dendritic Opal Palm Stone | Crystal Worry Stone

Dendritic Opal Palm Stone | Crystal Worry Stone

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Dendrites have inclusions of iron, manganese, and other metal that create the beautiful fern-like patterns. Opal is known as the footprint of the gods—legend has it that whenever the gods came down from Mount Olympus, they left behind opal footprints and transformational energy.

Dendritic Opal, also known as Merlinite, organizes your thoughts, bringing positive change and balance! It helps to synchronize the chakras by emitting vibrations at the same frequency as your own inner energy, bringing balance and alignment.

You will Receive one of the Dendritic Opals displayed in the photos. They measure approximately 2 1/2"- 2 3/4"

A free gift is included in all WitchWood Emporium orders!

Each stone is unique and individual so please expect slight variations in size, texture, and color. You will receive a stone displayed in these photos. Please refer to the sizing, since the photos can make the stones appear larger than they are.

These crystals are intended to be used for spiritual purposes. Healing Crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or legal advice. Descriptions are for entertainment purposes.

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