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Spell House

Full Moon Incense Sticks- Spell House

Full Moon Incense Sticks- Spell House

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Woody.  Floral.  Botanical.
The full moon is a time for healing and manifesting goals.  Harness the moons energy with small rituals that can awaken passion and renew drive and motivation.
Use this incense for: full moon rituals for manifesting + cleansing crystals.
Pairs with: Clear quarts, rose quartz or amethyst.  
Set intentions with this incense during the full moon to speed up manifestation.  Affirmation: "I am the creator of my own reality."
Each box contains: 21 incense sticks that burn for 45-60 min.  Incense is wrapped in recyclable plastic to preserve the scent and prevent oil leakage on packaging.  Packaging is made from recycled kraft paper and hand sewn.
• Product Materials: Biodegradable, Organic, Recycled, and Vegan
• Production: Cruelty-free
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