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New Moon Incense Sticks-Handcrafted by Spell House

New Moon Incense Sticks-Handcrafted by Spell House

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Citrus.  Woody.  Floral.

The new moon is a time new beginnings and planting the seeds of change.  The new moon removes blockages and brings a sense of regeneration.

Use this incense for: full new rituals for starting new ventures + new beginnings.

Pairs with: Smokey quarts, black tourmaline or labradorite.  

Set intensions with this incense during the new moon to remove blockages that prevent manifesting. 

Affirmation: "I release what no longer serves me and plant the seeds of abundance and opportunity."

Each box contains: 21 incense sticks that burn for 45-60 min.  Incense is wrapped in recyclable plastic to preserve the scent and prevent oil leakage on packaging.

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