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Ostara Six Herbs and Flowers Witch Box- Spring Equinox

Ostara Six Herbs and Flowers Witch Box- Spring Equinox

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Ostara is the first day of Spring and marks the end of Winter. The Sun is gaining strength and the Earthly creatures make more and more appearances as they flourish, thrive, and repopulate the land. On this day of the Spring Equinox, light and dark, day and night, are in perfect balance. After Imbolc, we enter the second half of the season of illumination; the days get longer, until they reach their peak on Litha, aka the Summer Solstice. The Spring Equinox represents the balance of light and dark, masculine and feminine and truly heralds the first day of Spring.
This box contains 6 herbs perfect for your Ostara spells, rituals, crafts, decoration, offerings, etc. you will receive the following:

1oz Lavender Organic- Aside from its beautiful smell, lavender represents the ushering in of spring. Those celebrating Ostara typically place lavender branches in vases or petals in bowls to make their house smell fresh. You could also use lavender petals in a cleansing bath to welcome in the holiday.

1oz Red Rose Petals and Buds. One of the more gentle flowers, rose is a lovely herb to evoke calmness during your ritual. The scent of rose will serve as a gentle reminder of spring energy.

1oz Hibiscus Petal Organic- Hibiscus Flower has been long used by witches and wizards alike, to attract love, lust, passion, and for prophetic dreams. Carry the dried Hibicus Flowers in a sachet to bring on passion and love. Hibiscus Flowers aid divination when placed in a wooden bowl containing water, amplifying scrying abilities.

1oz Jasmine Flowers whole- The magickal properties of jasmine are varied, ranging from love to happiness to moon magick. It’s often used to strengthen or find spiritual love. It’s also wonderful for helping to ease a broken heart and for general love spells to do with friendship. The scent of Jasmine is perfect to herald in the Spring!

1/2 oz (whole bag) Red Clover Blossoms Organic- Red Clover has long been prized for its ability to cleanse and purify the aura, dispelling negative energies and allowing your inner light to shine bright. This mystical herb enhances your mental powers, allowing you to connect more deeply with your intuition and to the hidden realms of the universe. Red Clover is also known for its ability to attract prosperity and abundance.

1oz Rosemary whole leaf Organic- Rosemary has been used for cleansing and purifying incenses since ancient times. It was associated with Aphrodite/Venus. Later, it became linked to the Virgin Mary, who is said to have given the plant its blue blossoms when she rested her blue mantle on a bush.
A Rosemary ritual bath or “tub tea” is said to remove worries and invigorate the spirit. You can also drink Rosemary tea for this purpose, but the taste is quite bitter.

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Consult a doctor before use of any herbs and never use more than recommended. Occult properties of herbs are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. Nothing on this web shop should be taken as medical or legal advice. Please use herbs responsibly.

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