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Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth Ritual kit Witch Box 18 Items

Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth Ritual kit Witch Box 18 Items

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This Witch Box is a collection of magical supplies intended to attract abundance, prosperity and wealth into your life. This beautiful set is perfect for both beginner and experienced Witches who wish to attract money, and prosperity into MM their lives.

Included in this set-

🌙1oz Irish Moss (c/s Organic)-Good fortune, business success, attracts money, enhances health.

🌙1oz Rosemary Leaf (whole Organic)-Wards off negative energy, longevity, purification, good luck, prosperity, mental clarity, success, memory.

🌙1oz Pipsissewa Herb (Rough cut)-Attracts money, abundance, draws benevolent spirits for magical aid.

🌙1oz- Spearmint Leaf (c/s)-Attracts money, successful ventures, protection, healing, good luck, prosperity.

One of each stone:
✨Natural Citrine Raw (approx 1”)- Wealth, prosperity, success, promotes motivation, increases self-confidence, activates creativity, strengthens intellect.

✨Tiger’s Eye Polished (approx ¾-1”)- Self-confidence, spiritual strength, grounding, wealth, abundance, good luck, protection, courage, determination.

✨Lemurian Quartz Raw (Approx 1 ½-2”)- Amplifier, raises vibrations, concentration, balanced emotions, support as you accomplish your financial goals, removes blockages from your path, strength, self-esteem, success.

🌙3oz Organic Herbal Bath Jar- Ingredients: Sea salt coarse, organic orange peel, organic chamomile flowers, organic lavender, organic rosemary leaf, organic raspberry leaf, organic rosehips, organic peppermint, organic sage leaf, organic lemongrass, organic red rose buds and petals, organic bay leaf, and organic cloves.

✨Flower Sage Smudge Stick (one)- A ritual tool for clearing negative energy, purification.

🌙2ml Prosperity Anointing Oil- Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, bergamot essential oil, mandarin orange essential oil. This oil can be a really powerful tool in candle magic. Anoint the candle with some Prosperity Oil, making sure you draw the oil up the candle and not down. You can also dab the oil on images, coins, your forehead (please read disclaimer), or any other objects used in your spell work.

✨Yellow and Orange Citrus Scented Tea Lights (one of each)-
Yellow- Draws happiness, creates opportunity, intelligence, persuasion, new ideas, overcomes mental blocks, draws abundance.
Orange- Achieve success, courage, focus, energy, quick action, confidence.

🌙Green Chime Candles (Two)- Success, abundance, growth, good luck, money.

✨Black Ceramic Chime Candle holders (Two)

🌙 Wooden Matches in a small apothecary jar (one). 20 matches per jar with striker on the bottom.

✨HEM Attracts Money Incense Sticks- One box of 20 sticks. HEM incense sticks are made with a unique blend of charcoal, essential oils, fragrance oils, herbs, flowers and resins. This incense helps in ritual, prayer, meditation, yoga, and in making your environment aromatic and pleasant.

🌙✨A free gift is included in all WitchWood Emporium orders!
You can do a number of spells with these ingredients. We do not provide step by step instructions. The idea is that you are not limited to just one spell or idea. 

Now the not-so-fun part… Disclaimer (Please read):
These products are intended to be used for spiritual purposes. These products (including the anointing oil) are not cosmetic, and are intended for external use only. No product from WitchWood Emporium is ever intended to offer any medical or legal advice. WitchWood Emporium does not make any claims or guarantees about the outcome of your work. We can only try to influence the odds with our own magical practice, but we cannot force things to be so. The buyer assumes all responsibility upon purchase.
WitchWood Emporium always strives to source great quality herbs, roots, and flowers, but please check with your doctor first before consuming any herbs, roots, or flowers. Some should never ever be ingested. These products are not intended for children or pets. These products are not intended to treat or prevent any illness, disease, or injury.
Always burn candles, sage, and incense within sight and away from drafts and things that can catch fire. Never burn a candle without a safe base underneath. Keep away from children and pets.
When using items that contain herbs, resin, oils, etc it is always recommended to do a patch test first if you are using on skin or in the bath. Items crafted from any material, even natural ones, can trigger a reaction. Please use all products responsibly.
Crystals and Stones are natural and come in all different sizes and shapes. The sizes provided are approximate. The crystals and stones can have varying points and widths. The pictures represent an example box. You will get a box very similar but due to the natural quality of the objects, your box could slightly differ from the image. Please carefully read and understand the sizes and quantities you will be receiving.

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