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Sunstone Worry Stone Slab - Thumb Stone - Palm Stone- Crystal

Sunstone Worry Stone Slab - Thumb Stone - Palm Stone- Crystal

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Sunstone is said to be a stone of leadership, encouraging the wearer to be open, benevolent and willing to bestow blessings upon others. Also known as a stone of joy, sunstone is believed to inspire good nature and an enjoyment of life. 

Worry stones, also know as palm stones or thumb stones are smooth polished gemstones. They have a thumb-sized indentation so you can carry it in your pocket and rub it for relaxation and stress relief. This is a great little stone to keep in your pocket, or to use in your jewelry creations.

You will receive one Sunstone Worry stone - Measures approx.: 34-42mm x 26-30mm

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STOCK PHOTO. Each slab will vary slightly in size and characteristics.

These crystals are intended to be used for spiritual purposes. Healing Crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment or legal advice. Descriptions are for entertainment purposes.

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